Four Common Pests Your Home Should Be Free From

Your home should always be a place where you can rest and totally be yourself. A house should be conducive for its inhabitants so you can focus on the more important things in life. That’s why you need to take care of your house and every aspect of it. If you do so, you can preserve your property for a very long time. Otherwise, all of the time and money you have invested in your house will go to waste. As such, you should be on the lookout for pests inside your home. To help you out, here are some common types of pests you should be wary about.



For starters, termites represent the biggest threat to your residential property. It’s widely known wood is a material used to build a houses. At the same time, wood is also the preferred food of choice for termites. If you find rotting wood in your residence, there could be an increased presence of termites already. The best course of action is to call on a trusted and experienced pest exterminator to get rid of these termites. After you have done so, your home and every item made of wood will be protected and preserved for a long time.



Cockroaches are notorious for their survival skills. These pests can survive in almost any environment and will multiply exponentially. This is true, especially in your homes. When this happens, these roaches can cause a lot of diseases that are harmful for you and your family. At the same time, your food supply is also at risk when these cockroaches have invaded your residence. Better keep your place clean all the time, especially all the dark and tiny areas in your place. Plus, cover up all the holes on your wall so they won’t have any place to lay their eggs.



Just like any other pest, rats are carriers of so many germs and diseases. Their presence alone can infect your water and cause you to get sick in an instant. These pests are also great at creating holes in your storage systems, digging their way to any sign of food. It also doesn’t help that they can procreate at a fast rate once they have made a home in your place. To start with, scattering rat repellent all over your house will deter these pests. It’s also important to check every point of entry into your home so you can seal them against rats.


Bed Bugs

Your bedroom should always be free from any trouble or problems. This room should be conducive for your rest or else you will be more tired always. To make that happen, your bed should be free from any trace of bed bugs in it. If this is the case, you will always wake up to a lot of rashes on your body. Plus, getting some sleep will be close to impossible. It would be better to take out your mattress and soak it under the heat of the sun. This act will kill almost all these bugs. For those that are left, you can apply anti-bed bug products on your mattress to effectively get rid of them.

Five Plumbing Responsibilities You Should Do Before Going on a Long Vacation

Taking some time off for a vacation is a great idea these days. With all of the stress a normal person encounters on a daily basis, going to the beach or someplace far from the city will help improve your mood. But before you make definite plans, you need to make sure your house is protected from all sorts of dangers. One particular aspect of your house you should never forget is its plumbing system. If you neglect checking all of the corresponding pipes and fixtures, you might come home to a flooded home after an amazing vacation. As such, here are a couple of useful plumbing tips to practice when you and your loved ones go on a trip.

Turn off your water supply

First and foremost, you need to turn your house’s water supply off. In doing so, you are cutting off the flow of water to all of your plumbing fixtures and pipes. This will prevent the unwanted leaking of water in your home if you haven’t had the time to check your plumbing system for any defects. At the same time, you are also preventing an indoor flood from occurring. There can be a lot of plumbing-related disasters that can happen but almost all of them will not happen if you shut off your water supply before you go for a vacation.


Switch your hot water heater off

Along with you property’s water supply, you also need to switch your bathroom’s water heater off. This handy plumbing mechanism allows you to take a bath comfortably any time of the day or night. If you fail to turn your water heater off, it will build up enough pressure over a couple of days. When that happens, it will explode and cause more danger to your residence. Do yourself a favor and turn the heater off before


Check all of your plumbing pipes and fixtures for leaks

Leaks are such a bummer for every home owner. The presence of this plumbing problem increases you monthly water bill at an exponential rate. This predicament will only get worse if you leave your house for a long amount of time. When these plumbing leaks go unchecked, water will accumulate inside your house and cause all kinds of trouble. For instance, your sockets will be exposed to water and fry your entire electrical system once this happens. It’s better to find any trace of water leaking before you leave for a vacation.


Clear your drainage pipes from any clogs

When waste or any solid object goes down a drain, you can expect these things to cause a hindrance in the flow of water. As a result, water won’t flow out of your property properly and cause a flood to occur inside your home. That danger is also present, even when you’re on a vacation. This is true, especially if you fail to turn off your house, water main supply valve. The continuous flow of water, whether from a faucet or from a leak, and clogged drain pipes will ruin your home when you get back from a well-deserved vacation.


Call on a professional to make sure your plumbing system works properly

Dealing with plumbing-related problems can sometimes be out of your expertise. In this specific case, calling hire an HDB Plumber Singapore is your best solution. This professional is trained and experience in handling all of your plumbing concerns with a result you need. This contractor provides you with a peace of mind so you can fully enjoy your vacation.

Five Simple Handyman Solutions To Reinvigorate Your Home

After a long amount of time, your residence may have accumulated a lot of wear and tear. Once this happens, every detail of your residential property will look like a mess. Plus, they can lower the overall value of your home if ever you decide to sell it. Don’t fret, though, because there are so many ways to bring back your home to its former glory. Some require a lot of money and time to accomplish. On the other hand, there are simple ways to transform your home and more it a more enticing place to live in. Here are five of those solutions you might be interested in.


A fresh coat of paint

First and foremost, having a subpar paint job in and out of your home can be a problem. This predicament makes your residence sloppier for everyone who gets to see it. If you are experiencing this problem, the best course of action to take is to have your home interior and exterior repainted. All it would take is some cans of primer, the paint color of your choice, a finish coating, and the corresponding tools, among others. After you have applied a new coat of paint on your home, you can expect a new lease of life for your property.

Installing a new countertop in your kitchen

A kitchen will always be full of different items and ingredients for the preparation of your meals. Without the proper organization, your kitchen will always look like a hurricane passed right through it. Of course, you can spend a lot of money redesigning your kitchen but there is a simpler solution that’s more time-efficient. Take out your old countertop and install a new one in your kitchen. Even if you with this tip alone, a new countertop will add a dash of style and organization to your kitchen. This single act will increase your kitchen’s value immediately.

Upgrading your bathroom’s tiles

You may not notice it but tiles use up a lot of space in your bathroom. That’s why it’s easy to find dirt in the grout or crack a single tile if you are not that careful. Over time, these tile problems will accumulate and affect the overall value of your bathroom. The best way to start improving your bathroom is to have all of its tiles replaced by new ones. After you have done so, the bathroom will look better and cleaner once again.

Getting a new front door

A house’s front door is one of the many residential fixtures that make a lasting impression on your guests. If you have a malfunctioning or worn-out door, people will steer clear from visiting your place. In this instance, what you should do is get a new front door that matches your style and preferences. This new door will also protect your house once it has been installed and a secure door knob has been placed inside it.

Using energy-efficient lighting fixtures

Keeping the interior of your home well-lit is a must these days. Having enough illumination at home helps make it more conducive for your residential living experience, especially when the sun goes down. At the same time, using conventional light bulbs can consume a lot of electricity when they are all turned on. Remedy that problem by taking your old light bulbs out and installing energy-efficient lighting fixtures. These new bulbs shine better and consume less power than you expected. After you have done so, your home will be a better place to live in.

Five Common Problems Associated To Your Air Conditioner Compressor

Just like every appliance out in the market, an air conditioner is made of various parts. All of these components have their specific role to play to effectively cool a room and make you more comfortable. If one of these parts fall prey to wear and tear, you can expect your air conditioner to fail in its performance. That’s why you need to hire professional aircon servicing to ensure this appliance’s lifespan will be prolonged. As such, one of the air conditioner’s components you should look out for is its compressor. To help you out, here are some common signs leading to air conditioner compressor failure. Once you are aware of these signs, you can take the necessary repair action for your air conditioner.

Underpowered cooling ability

There will be a time when your air conditioner will take a long time before it can cool down a room. Rather than be annoyed at this appliance, better check on its air compressor first. This part could have worn down due to age and is causing your air conditioner’s slow ability to cool a room. Another reason for its poor performance might be a form of neglect on your part to have the air conditioner checked and maintained.


No cooling ability at all

If your compressor continues to work without any form of maintenance to preserve its lifespan, it can lose its cooling ability entirely. Even when you turn on your air conditioner, you will notice it does not release any cool air. This means the air conditioner’s air compressor has completely failed. To remedy this problem, you need to have the compressor and all of its corresponding parts checked. Ultimately, you may need to replace one of those parts or the entire air compressor itself. In doing so, you are returning your air conditioner’s ability to create a cooler environment for your benefit.


Fried Compressor

An air compressor uses electricity to power its function. To do this, this air conditioner component uses a variety of wires to absorb electricity for its usage. If one of these wires deteriorates, your air compressor may absorb more electricity than it should. As a result, the air compressor will fry from the excess power and disable it from further usage. Along with the air compressor, you better have the air conditioner’s electrical wiring system checked as well to prevent additional damage from being done.


Faltering startup operation

When you turn on your air conditioner and you can hear the sound of a motor stuttering, the air compressor may be the cause of this problem. This is normally known as hard starting. The prudent action to do here is have the air compressor’s electrical wires checked immediately. Chances are, there could be an insufficient flow of electricity going into the air compressor. Find this specific wire, replace it, and the air compressor will work again.


Defective compressor motor

The air compressor’s main component is its motor. If the motor has worn out or an external object is caught in its operation, the air compressor won’t be able to fulfill its duty. Since an air compressor’s motor is very complex, only a professional air conditioner technician can resolve this matter. Tinkering the motor on your own can be disastrous and can cause irreparable damage to the air conditioner.