Five Common Problems Associated To Your Air Conditioner Compressor

Just like every appliance out in the market, an air conditioner is made of various parts. All of these components have their specific role to play to effectively cool a room and make you more comfortable. If one of these parts fall prey to wear and tear, you can expect your air conditioner to fail in its performance. That’s why you need to hire professional aircon servicing to ensure this appliance’s lifespan will be prolonged. As such, one of the air conditioner’s components you should look out for is its compressor. To help you out, here are some common signs leading to air conditioner compressor failure. Once you are aware of these signs, you can take the necessary repair action for your air conditioner.

Underpowered cooling ability

There will be a time when your air conditioner will take a long time before it can cool down a room. Rather than be annoyed at this appliance, better check on its air compressor first. This part could have worn down due to age and is causing your air conditioner’s slow ability to cool a room. Another reason for its poor performance might be a form of neglect on your part to have the air conditioner checked and maintained.


No cooling ability at all

If your compressor continues to work without any form of maintenance to preserve its lifespan, it can lose its cooling ability entirely. Even when you turn on your air conditioner, you will notice it does not release any cool air. This means the air conditioner’s air compressor has completely failed. To remedy this problem, you need to have the compressor and all of its corresponding parts checked. Ultimately, you may need to replace one of those parts or the entire air compressor itself. In doing so, you are returning your air conditioner’s ability to create a cooler environment for your benefit.


Fried Compressor

An air compressor uses electricity to power its function. To do this, this air conditioner component uses a variety of wires to absorb electricity for its usage. If one of these wires deteriorates, your air compressor may absorb more electricity than it should. As a result, the air compressor will fry from the excess power and disable it from further usage. Along with the air compressor, you better have the air conditioner’s electrical wiring system checked as well to prevent additional damage from being done.


Faltering startup operation

When you turn on your air conditioner and you can hear the sound of a motor stuttering, the air compressor may be the cause of this problem. This is normally known as hard starting. The prudent action to do here is have the air compressor’s electrical wires checked immediately. Chances are, there could be an insufficient flow of electricity going into the air compressor. Find this specific wire, replace it, and the air compressor will work again.


Defective compressor motor

The air compressor’s main component is its motor. If the motor has worn out or an external object is caught in its operation, the air compressor won’t be able to fulfill its duty. Since an air compressor’s motor is very complex, only a professional air conditioner technician can resolve this matter. Tinkering the motor on your own can be disastrous and can cause irreparable damage to the air conditioner.