Five Plumbing Responsibilities You Should Do Before Going on a Long Vacation

Taking some time off for a vacation is a great idea these days. With all of the stress a normal person encounters on a daily basis, going to the beach or someplace far from the city will help improve your mood. But before you make definite plans, you need to make sure your house is protected from all sorts of dangers. One particular aspect of your house you should never forget is its plumbing system. If you neglect checking all of the corresponding pipes and fixtures, you might come home to a flooded home after an amazing vacation. As such, here are a couple of useful plumbing tips to practice when you and your loved ones go on a trip.

Turn off your water supply

First and foremost, you need to turn your house’s water supply off. In doing so, you are cutting off the flow of water to all of your plumbing fixtures and pipes. This will prevent the unwanted leaking of water in your home if you haven’t had the time to check your plumbing system for any defects. At the same time, you are also preventing an indoor flood from occurring. There can be a lot of plumbing-related disasters that can happen but almost all of them will not happen if you shut off your water supply before you go for a vacation.


Switch your hot water heater off

Along with you property’s water supply, you also need to switch your bathroom’s water heater off. This handy plumbing mechanism allows you to take a bath comfortably any time of the day or night. If you fail to turn your water heater off, it will build up enough pressure over a couple of days. When that happens, it will explode and cause more danger to your residence. Do yourself a favor and turn the heater off before


Check all of your plumbing pipes and fixtures for leaks

Leaks are such a bummer for every home owner. The presence of this plumbing problem increases you monthly water bill at an exponential rate. This predicament will only get worse if you leave your house for a long amount of time. When these plumbing leaks go unchecked, water will accumulate inside your house and cause all kinds of trouble. For instance, your sockets will be exposed to water and fry your entire electrical system once this happens. It’s better to find any trace of water leaking before you leave for a vacation.


Clear your drainage pipes from any clogs

When waste or any solid object goes down a drain, you can expect these things to cause a hindrance in the flow of water. As a result, water won’t flow out of your property properly and cause a flood to occur inside your home. That danger is also present, even when you’re on a vacation. This is true, especially if you fail to turn off your house, water main supply valve. The continuous flow of water, whether from a faucet or from a leak, and clogged drain pipes will ruin your home when you get back from a well-deserved vacation.


Call on a professional to make sure your plumbing system works properly

Dealing with plumbing-related problems can sometimes be out of your expertise. In this specific case, calling hire an HDB Plumber Singapore is your best solution. This professional is trained and experience in handling all of your plumbing concerns with a result you need. This contractor provides you with a peace of mind so you can fully enjoy your vacation.



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